Ocean Sports at The Fourth Phase London Premier

With the new winter season approaching, one definitive and highly anticipated snowboarding feature has been on everyone’s lips for the past 3 years, and if you haven’t heard of it by now you must have been shredding too hard to notice.

‘The Fourth Phase’ is the new snowboarding motion picture from the Red bull Media House and Brain Farm Industries. After ‘That’s it That’s all’  & the monumental ‘The Art of Flight’ this is the third film in the series featuring Travis rice.

We were lucky enough to grab two tickets to the official UK premiere at the London BFI Southbank on the 20th September before its official release date on the 2nd Oct 2016, so we sent our two snowboard staff Mark Teti and Tom Worsfold.

All the UK snowboard scene were present, including the regular sports media teams and all were taking advantage of all the freebies on offer, but everyone was hoping to grab a glimpse of the man himself, who made himself present just before the screening with the rest of the riding crew in the movie including pro riders Mark Landvik and Mikkel Bang.

We took our seats at the front row, as the lights dimmed the howls and hollas from the excited audience raised the roof off! The questions you had to ask were how will this movie be different from how big ‘The Art of Flight’ was? What can Travis and the riders bring to the screen?

Obviously we don’t want to give anything away to spoil your future enjoyment but all we can say is they have succeeded once again, it’s a film that brings many new aspects of snowboarding to the screen. At times you may think you’re watching the ‘The Art of Flight part 2’ or extended cuts but ‘The Fourth Phase’ is a totally different movie in its own right and in some ways it had to be, it inspires and pushes the boundaries just as you’d expect Travis and the team to do!

We can’t wait to see it again once it’s officially released on the 2nd October 2016 and we hope it gets you buzzing for the forthcoming season!