Morocco - 30°31'59"N 9°42'0"W

Opportunities, lucky for my sweet work crew and now knowing a few good locals round here I was offered an epic one.

Morocco 30°31'59"N 9°42'0"W, with 10 days of great weather an epic surf! 

It was time to get out of the 5/4, hood, boots and gloves and in to a 3/2 plenty of sunscreen and a punchy right hand point break at the front door. The best thing about it... it was with a sweet group of guys who go so often they're pretty much local. They know where to surf, eat and who
to talk to. Awesome opportunity!

There was fun 2-3ft swell on arrival with it building into the biggest swell of the year 2 days later - no guns packed this time but happy to watch the

 best live TV ever. This was the only day we didn't surf, although some tried. We were surrounded by absolute rippers mixed with a lot of carnage.

All the other days consisted of dawnys at the slab of a beachy round the point, then arvo surfs out front and even another round the corner or out front if we could peel away from the live surf TV and roll off the couches/sun lounges to get amongst it pre dinner.

Light winds and plenty of sunshine, great way to break up the English winter.

Yeoooow definitely on the yearly trip calendar, thanks guys.