A trip North

If there is one guy we can always rely on to share with us about a little adventure, its Cliff Cox. Someone with insane knowledge of where and when to surf in a number of locations, whether it be at home on the South coast or down West……or up North in this case.  

It doesn’t take much of a reason for Cliff to pack up the van and head off, but fuelled with a recent love for his forever growing SUPERbrand quiver, this was a perfect excuse for an end of summer trip.

Below are the words from Cliff about his Northern quest for some swell, which ended up with scoring him some sunshine (up North somehow) as well as one of the waves of his life. Check out what he had to say…..

This Summer we didn’t do the usual European trip, instead we headed north to Yorkshire, we saw the possibility of a few waves and fairly decent weather, for the North, so we decided to get up and set off early to avoid the summer traffic. It always feels very unnatural heading to the M1 instead of west to Cornwall to go surfing.

After a long journey, we drove across the Yorkshire Moors to arrive to a sunny flat sea…. oh well, time to rest. We went up in my Hymer

motorhome, very comfy but a little slow and it didn’t like the massive hills at all! After a day waiting, the swell showed up, I was on it early and it was
pumping, there was a few visiting surfers about and of course the local lads. A word of advice if you visit these parts, show respect to local surfers and people and don’t come with a van load of mates. This is why I won’t be naming spots!!

The next few days consisted of surfing various reefs, beaches, spending time with my family and taking Lily surfing. The weather was unseasonably warm, usually it’s freezing and dark which keeps all away apart from the hardcore. Yorkshire is a beautiful place with good pubs and food, great for walker and mountain bikers alike. Swells come and go quickly in these parts, but we were lucky with waves and weather and it was good to meet up with all my friends and share the stoke.

The pace of life is fairly slow up there which is nice. If you fancy a walk on the pier, some great fish and chips, a bit of surfing and a beer of the beach then visit Saltburn by Sea. Maybe even visit the local shapers and remember, treat people the way you would like to be treated and don’t paddle around when surfing, wait you turn!! We scored on this trip, maybe a little gift from God, I’m not always so lucky.