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Welcome to - the official website of Ocean Sports Board Riders Surf Shop, the legendary surfing, wetsuit, paddleboard, snowboard and skateboard store on the UK South Coast in Hove, East Sussex (near Brighton). If you're looking for wetsuits, surfboards, paddle boards, snowboards or skateboards from guys who know what they're talking about then come and see us. We have the largest stock of Paddle boards in Brighton!

Keep up to date with what is happening at our store, whether it be our latest arrivals from some of the biggest brands across the surf and snow scene, staff picks, or the current deals and we are offering you over the festive season.

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The shop is now filling up with the new Spring/Summer wetsuit ranges
from O’Neill, Rip Curl and C-Skins. We have been checking out each and every
arrival and putting pen to paper with what features we are getting excited about. Check out the new range and read our ‘Boardridersguide
lowdown’ for the new suits for this season!!!!

Saturday 19th March came the devastating news Cameron Munro had passed away in Bali. We are all deeply shocked and our hearts go out to Cam’s family, Cliff and Family and everyone on beaches worldwide that knew him.  We have lost one of the boys and we are gutted.

Jamie and Steve and all the crew at Ocean Sports x

Sea swimming is a Brighton tradition and due to its popularity, more and more people are inclined to swim in the sea for the majority of the year and not just on those nicer days and the holidays.

We are getting asked a lot for Sea Swimming or Open Water wetsuits, and depending on what you want from your swimming experience in terms of equipment, this is where we come in.

Are you after the ultimate experience of swimming when our local sea temperature drops as low as 5°C (41°F) at the coldest time of the year? You may be looking for a little more protection in the form of a wetsuit and wetsuit accessories? Or, all you are looking for is a swim suit, swimming cap and goggles?

We have been selling wetsuits in our Brighton store and online for over 25 years. We pride ourselves in offering a wide selection and

have friendly, knowable staff on hand to
make sure you buy the right wetsuit for you!

Check out our new open water swimming sectio for MEN, WOMEN and KIDS swimming to see what wetsuits and accessories we can offer.

If you need any advice then pop down to quiz our guys in he shop or drop us a call and we can  answer any questions you may have.

Just when you thought its time to pack up your snowboarding kit, with all the snow clearing the peaks of Europe,  there’s always one annual trip that must be attended, the ‘Spring Break’ UK snowboard test is the last call for those final laps in the sun!

Held just an hour’s drive from Innsbruck within the Tirol valley resort of Kaunertal / Austria, lies the Kaunertal glacier awaiting the arrival of 300 folks from the UK.

Here industry riders, brands, shops staff and regular snowboarders
gather to test and ride all of next season’s kit from boards, boots, and
bindings as well as a whole heap of cool kit.

Now in its tenth year the ‘Spring Break’ is as memorable as ever, friends

are made, good times are shared as the UK snowboard community
bands together for 7 days of spring fun shredding!

With an unexpected dumping of snow, just three days to cram it all in plus
conditions improving by the day, Mark got to check out brands such as
Anon, Burton, Capita, GNU, Lib Tech, Salomon and Union for the 2016/2017 season.

Head over to our blog>> to get a full insight of his trip and a sneak peak of some of the testing.


Now we have summer finally on our doorstep, it means those flat days are also arriving. With a topped up range of hard paddle boards in store to cover those of you keen on a glassy flat day cruise or something a little more agile so you can have some fun on the fair weather ripples than roll in along our beaches.

The board we have got the most stoked about is a quirky thing, 'The Hypernut', with those cut our rails and it's mono-cocave tail and a quad fin set-up. This board is fast and reactive yet stable because it sill has 31.5'' width and heaps of volume.

Below is a few words from a Starboard team rider who has fallen for the innovation range Hypernut:

I’m a believer though I shouldn’t be. It took me a long time to convince myself to try the Hypernut, to be honest the progressive shape put me off. Well, then I tried it and I am amazed at the stability of such a little board. Even walking down to the water in the 2 foot onshore slop I was convinced the board wouldn’t float me, how wrong I was ! The stability is easily comparable to the 8’5 PRO. That’s right a 7’4 as stable as a 8’5 ! The
next thing I was in doubt of was the big quad setup, no way was that going to be loose and maneuverable; wrong again. I would say the 7’4 Hypernut is easily looser than even my 8’0 PRO, the channel running into
the tail creates great lift and a great edge for cutting into the face, effectively creating sharp pivot points. So what you have is a looser and yet more stable board for a given size, what’s not good about that ?
I’m surprised, though I shouldn’t be, that everyone isn’t on this board, but I guess old habits die hard and most people just can’t get their heads around the innovative shape, but once they try it I’m sure
they’ll be amazed. - Andrew Pieterse

Now if you have the storage and after something a little flashy, come and check out of range in store now and get yourself kitted out for the summer ahead. For Paddle boards Brighton Sussex look now further!


Who doesn’t like something new and pretty.  As some hints of summer are trying to stick around for more than just a day at a time we have been busy getting in some fresh longboards for you. Our new range from Z-Flex aren’t just nice to look at, they are super reliable boards with serious brand heritage behind them.

Our stock includes the 39.5’’ round tail, 38’’ pin tail and the 32’’ mini-pin tail. These boards cover those wanting to carve, commute, cruise or ride with some aggression.

The round tail is your all-rounder, with enough length to cruise and commute but also with the added bonus of a mellow kick tail to give you a little more when going around town. Our 38’’ pin tail is the classic open road carving machine, built for speed and comfort, you should jump on one of these if you want a board for distance and big turns. Now for the real fun, the board we are all falling for is the Z-Flex 32’’ Mini Pin Tail, pump it, carve it and just love it. This smaller board is at home being taken for a long
carving cruise or thrashing it around with a more aggressive riding style. The smaller size means it is easier to pick up and carry around after use but also a friendlier board for smaller riders and the younger ones getting into some longboard fun and getting used to a slightly larger and different style board.

All boards feature Z-Flex 180mm trucks and Abec -7 bearings for stable and fast rides. Quality is promised from the Z-Flex name and their solid Canadian maple construction.


Inflatable SUP or Hard Board – that’s the question..?

Buying an inflatable stand up paddle (SUP) board primarily should not be seen as a compromise on performance, quality or aesthetics. Inflatables are far outselling hard boards in the UK because of some serious practical benefits that don’t leave you feeling like you are missing out on some hard board fun.

We are proud stockists of Red Paddle Co boards and accessories so check them out online, in our store or call up to see if we can meet your demands and get you on the board for you!


Having to transport an inflatable SUP consists of a few simple options, chuck it on your back, wheel it down to the water, put it in the boot of your car or cycle down wearing it like a rucksack. The ease of getting from home to the beach with an inflatable is massively different to the hassle of a larger hard SUP board and is one reason why these are a perfect SUP board.

These boards love to travel, the board deflates and rolls up into the wheeled bag for ease of transit. The Red Paddle Bag has been specifically designed for airline regulations and the bag can take the board, pump and paddle and still weigh in at under 20kg, again under most airlines weight restrictions.  Red Paddle have thought of everything…   

So when you book your summer sun, just add an extra suitcase and now you can Paddle board around the world!

Setting up

Pump and go time for an inflatable is super quick….fact. With the new Red Paddle Co Titan 2 cylinder pump you can have your SUP inflated and on the water with 8-12 minutes at a leisurely pace. This pump is the best in the business and can get that board inflated to the desired PSI in no time for a cruise or surf.


If you own an 11ft hard SUP board then it will always be 11ft, the travel bag that the Red Paddle inflatable comes in can live under the stairs, corner of the garage or keep it in the boot of the car so you are always ready. These options make paddle boarding way more accessible for people without outdoor or garage storage, as all you need is the same space as a suitcase.

Also you don’t have to deflate every time you use your board if you can get to and from the beach or storage is not an issue – just leave it inflated for the season and deflate when the weather turns… We have had customers that have never deflated their boards since the day they bought them.

SUP Family and Kids

The nature of an inflatable board is to sit higher in the water and have more buoyancy, which means they are perfect for the family as a couple  of kids can go out on the water, you can take the kids out or even the  dog! The soft and super durable construction is suited for kids, rather than the unforgiving construction of a hard board, the last thing you  want to happen is the kids getting bonked on the head with a hard board.

There isn’t any need to be so precious with an Inflatable SUP on land either, whereas hard boards can easily get dinged on hard surfaces if the kids get hold of them!

Durability – How strong is an inflatable board..?

We think these boards are bomb proof..! Red Paddle have thrown one off a warehouse roof just for it to laugh at them and bounce around. After this attempt they had a cherry picker drive over it and still nothing. To date we have not had one return in the shop from the last few years of stocking, selling, paddling and loving these inflatables. These indestructible boards are perfect for a long term purchase for the entire family to go and use without any worry.

With an inflatable board sitting a little higher in the water,  if you go for a board with that little extra volume for the family, then they are perfect for a couple of kids to go out on the water or take the kids out with you.

So why only Red Paddle Inflatables Boards  

Red Paddle are a British Company based in Devon – we have backed them from the outset. They pioneered inflatable boards from day one so they made the mistakes back in the day that some leading brands are still making today. Clever innovations like the 15% lighter MSL construction, wheeled travel bag, the amazing Titan pump to all products being designed for airline travel make them always one step ahead of the rest and especially suited to what the UK market wants.

I’ve seen a much one cheaper on Ebay…

With the phenomenal success of inflatable paddle boards many factories in the Far East that make other inflatable products have jumped on the band wagon and started producing SUPS, they look similar and feel similar – its only when you try one you will realise the difference. One way of making an
inflatable SUP cheaper is to use one single layer of construction – this reduces weight, durability but also stiffness which means it will be like standing on a banana as soon as you are on the water and it could be easier to puncture.

In our opinion there are two types of paddleboards cheap ones and decent ones and nothing in the middle is worth the compromise – We all ride Red boards too